Restaurant Review: Season’s 52

Published June 19, 2012 by mrsrag

Located at 11611 Ellison Wilson Road, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33458. Phone #: (561) 625-5852



I hate to play favorites and I realize you haven’t seen a lot of negativity from either Ross or myself, BUT (spoiler alert) you aren’t about to read a bad review.  In fact, when its a special occassion and I get to pick where we go, Season’s 52 is always in contention.  It’s consistently great food, a decent selection of wine and a one of a kind ambience provided by the intracoastal views outdoors, off set by an indoor piano bar.  It’s also one of the few places I always feel cheated if I don’t order dessert.  The only problem I have when we go to Season’s 52 is choosing what flatbread to try  for our appetizer.  That usually sets the tone for the meal.  If we’re going to be adventurous, we’ll splurge and get the daily special, but if we’re sticking with what we know best from trial and error, its right to the ripe Plum tomato flatbread topped with fresh garlic and basil.

Much like the flatbread at Season’s, Maria has set the tone perfectly for this review.  I’m positive we will review someplace we don’t like at some point, but Season’s 52 will certainly not be that place.  Their tagline is “Seasonally inspired cooking with every item under 475 calories”, and everything they serve has a fresh, just picked, just caught or straight from the butcher flavor.  The flatbreads are an absolute must start to the meal, and you simply can’t go wrong ordering meat, fish or poultry.  Everything they serve is seasonal, so the menu changes constantly, but the grilled T-bone lamb chops and the oak-grilled filet mignon are two of my personal favorites.  Situated right on the intracoastal waterway directly across from the River House (another one of our fave’s that we’ll be reviewing soon),  if the weather permits, I would highly recommend trying to reserve an outdoor table on the water.  A perfect place for a romantic dinner for two under the stars.  Enjoy your wine, the perfect portions of food and of course don’t forget to finish with a couple of their mini-desserts that come in shot glass-type servings.  The rasberry-mango cheesecake and key lime pie are two notables.  You and your date/wife/husband/lover will leave happy, full (but not too full), and thinking about your next visit.

Ross loves a filet, so thats almost always a staple.  At any other place, I would not double us up on meat (we usually share our dishes), but those lamb chops are so tasty and flavorful that my mouth is literally watering just writing about them.  Lamb is one of my favorite meats and when its prepared well, its just that much more intriguing.  The T-bone chops are from New Zealand and as it states in their description, they are grilled.  They are served with asparagus, truflle mashed potatoes and finished off with a red wine glaze.  I’m not usually too keen on drowning out the flavor of my meat with any sauce, but this red wine glaze adds a nice contrast and the meat isn’t swimming in it.  Another item that Ross did not mention are the caramelized sea scallops.  This is usually my alternate choice, if I’m not feeling the beef and lamb combo.  The scallops taste fresh and are cooked to a nice tender texture.  Usually we try and mix up the “mini indulgences” at the end of the meal, but one dessert shot that rarely misses our table is the raspberry mango cheesecake.  It is simply delectable.  Perfection packed into a tiny shot.  If the words mango and cheesecake in the same title don’t whet your palate, I’m not sure what will.

Been there numerous times, never had a bad meal.  A beautiful setting, great service and prices that are extremely reasonable for fine dining.  That all adds up to quite a winning combination.  Season’s 52 is as close as you can get to a sure thing.  I will finish with two observations.  First, I do LOVE a filet, no doubt.  And second, I always WANT Maria to choose where we go, but I ALWAYS end up doing the picking.

Well, in my defense, he did know I was a fickle Gemini when he popped the question.  He should be thankful that he got such a definitive ‘yes’ to that one (Ross- Oh, I’m beyond thankful!).  I want to make it clear before you read our ratings that we will be writing about places we didn’t enjoy.  Put yourself in our shoes, if you were to start writing reviews today which ones would you remember, the places you hated or the places you loved?

Ross’ Rating:  5 Wine Glasses out of 5.

Maria’s Rating: 5 Wine Glasses (I’m not a fan of perfect scores, but this one is well deserved.)

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