Movie Review (Recent DVD Release): The Grey

Published June 22, 2012 by mrsrag

Starring:  Liam Neeson, Dermot Mulroney, Frank Grillo, Dallas Roberts.

R.  Action/Adventure.  Running time: 1 hour 57 Minutes.


We missed this one in the theaters, but as we are both Liam Neeson fans (truth be told, I have a borderline man-crush on the guy), we rented it out of our local Blockbuster machine at Publix right after it came outNow I realize that Hollywood often lacks imagination, but this movie takes it to its worst levels.  It is 100% a cross between the 1993 movie Alive (minus the cannibalism) and 1997’s The Edge with Alec Baldwin and Anthony Hopkins.  100%.  Now I loved both of those movies, but come on, been there, done that.  And both of those movies had something The Grey lacks; suspense, interesting plotlines, great acting.  Other than Frank Grillo as Diaz, this is basically a one man show, and definitely not one of Liam’s shining moments.  He sleepwalks through this one, and there isn’t one turn you don’t see coming a mile away.  One word keeps going through my head, disappointed.

Honestly, The Grey NEVER grabbed me.  There were a few fleeting moments of interest such as the violent plane crash and the appearance of the giant wolves, but Ross is right – it was a major disappointment.  Perhaps I expect too much out of Neeson.  I’m a big fan and I’m usually so impressed, but I guess I just prefer watching him do what I think he does best – beat the crap out of bad guys.  Luckily, we only wasted $2 renting it.  The most shocking element of this film was the dogged appearance of a very poorly aging Dermot Mulroney, he was almost unrecognizable as Talget.

Oh man I almost forgot, Dermot Mulroney!  I didn’t even know it was him until Maria pointed him out to me halfway through the movie.  Dude looks OLD.  I really wanted to like this movie, but it was impossible.  Boring and as I mentioned, the most blatant rip-off since Kevin Costner remade Road Warrior, on the ocean, with Waterworld in 1995.  And Liam just doesn’t seem the same since his wife died.  There’s just a constant twinge of sadness about him all the time.  Maybe I’m imagining it, I still love the guy.  Anyway, if you do take anything away from this review, it would be my wish that any of you out there who haven’t seen either Alive (based on the true story of the Uruguayan rugby team that crashed in the Andes), or The Edge (Alec Baldwin at his best and of course the always awesome Hopkins); make it a point to find them.  Those two movies will not disappoint.

I found Alive a bit disturbing (the whole true story and eating people thing was a lot), but I absolutely loved The Edge.  Anthony Hopkins was unbelievably charming as the uber intelligent Charles Morse.  Quite frankly, instead of renting this painfully long and boring new release, do yourself a favor and look up the older films as Ross suggested.  I found this film almost unbearable.  At a running time of nearly two hours, I was surprised I didn’t doze off.

Maria’s rating: 1.5 Gummy Bears out of 5

Ross’ Rating:  2 Gummies.  For Liam, even asleep he’s worth a deuce.

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