Movie Review: Magic Mike

Published July 17, 2012 by mrsrag

Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer

Rated R. Running time: 110 minutes


Ladies, leave your significant other at home for this outting – I guarantee he’ll be thankful.  This movie is 110 minutes of pure hip girating, stage humping and chiseled abs bliss.  Perhaps I wouldn’t have found it as entertaining if I didn’t have my girlfriend Alex with me, who was all but trying to shove dollar bills through the screen.  During this film you should not expect your fellow watchers to stay quiet – as we were not the only women hooting and hollering in the theatre.  I guess there was a plot, but it was hard to stay focused with a half naked Channing Tatum running around.  Mainly, the story is about a veteran male stripper who takes a stripping “virgin” under his wing.  He not only teaches him to work the crowd and make some serious cash, but also how to party hard and pick up women.  McConaughey does a fantastic job as Dallas, the owner/operator of the club ‘Xquisite’.  His delivery is not only hilarious, but somewhat genuine.  As we know from celebrity gossip, McConaughey enjoys hanging out in the nude and playing bongos – both of which are featured in the film.  Another noteworthy performance is Channing Tatum, as Mike.  He’s the “captain” of this strip squad and judging by his moves on stage – with good reason.  My girlfriends and sisters and mothers and every other red blooded woman on the planet had been talking this guy up.  I wasn’t a huge fan until I saw the talent he exhibited in this film.  And the other things he exhibited also.

So, as you few proud, brave and loyal followers of MRSRAG know, we are a team in our reviews as well as our lives.  This is the first, and possibly the last, review you will ever see that both of us have not seen, tasted, witnessed, or experienced the happenings reported on.  That being said, I believe I have some pertinent input to impart.  Firstly, when Maria said she wanted to see this movie, I was all for her going with her friend and not me.  I am not homophobic, but I couldn’t possibly understand why any heterosexual male would want to see it.  Also, I am very confident in our relationship, and totally understand if she would like to see, and hoot at some beefcake.  I ain’t all bad, but beefcake, I am not.  Finally, a funny anecdote: we were staying with my childhood/best friend Bruce, his lovely wife Kris and their awesome daughter Hannah at the time.  We had done our own thing for the day, as they did.  They came home to find our rental gone, but also tons of lights and the TV on when they arrived.  With puzzled looks they asked me with their eyes, huh?  I said, oh Maria went out with her friend Alex to see the movie Magic Mike.  It’s about male strippers, I’m good with missing that one.  A few minutes later, Kris sits down next to me and with a worried tone and look says, “Maria went with her guy friend to see Magic Mike?”  I laughed and said, no, Alex is a girl.  I’m confident in our relationship, but that scenario wouldn’t have fit into my comfort zone.  It was a funny aside though, don’t you think?

I found that very funny.  Also, I would like to mention that Bruce’s other daugther Amanda (21), informed us that Channing Tatum was, in fact, a male stripper.  Apparently, the story is loosely based on Tatum’s knowledge of the industry.  This explains A LOT.  Especially the epic solo dancing and choreographed numbers he nailed.  Needless to say, beefcake body aside, I was impressed.  Although, when it comes down to it, the two lead characters (Tatum and McConaughey) are just playing exaggerated versions of themselves.  Newcomer Pettyfer holds his own as “the kid” too, which is not to be overlooked in this intimidating cast.  Well, they must have been doing something right – as I understand it, the sequel has already been confirmed and they have plans to take it to broadway!  Honestly, apart from the wonderful visuals, Magic Mike was lacking something, maybe heart.  Director Steven Soderberg didn’t skimp on any of the nudity…so that wasn’t it.  The movie was definitely entertaining, but I probably could have waited until it came out on DVD.  Fortuantely for the cast & crew, I believe my fellow female viewers couldn’t wait that long!  And will assuredly be lined up at Broadway ticket booths and to view the sequeal ASAP.

I don’t really have anything else to contribute to this review.  I will give Maria props for not inadvertantly screaming out “Channing” or “Matthew” when we were finally alone in the dark later that night.  She did buy me a pair of tear away pants and bongos the next day though.  J.K. 

Maria’s Rating: 3.5 Gummy Bears out of 5.

Ross’ Rating:  N/A.  But… 2.5 Gummies for not having to go.  (Would’ve been 5 except for the 2.5 that came off for not being with Maria for 4 hours.)


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